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The Padron cigars were produced by Jose Padron in 1964. Originally from Cuba he moved to Florida where he set up his cigar company and seven years after, he moved to Nicaragua in 1970. It is at this time that there was political unrest in Nicaragua and because of this instability the Padron family had no option but to open a new factory in Honduras. The Padron family went through a lot of hardships and at some point they were living in a one-bedroom apartment above their cigar factory. Times became more challenging for the family however their focus on producing high quality cigars was unwavering.

During the 80?s the Padron cigars were mainly bought by the Cubans living in Miami, Florida. Eventually in 1993, the pardon attended a trade show that saw them lose their intended customers. Most people felt the cigars were overpowering and no one was interested in a sun-grown wrapper, furthermore these cigars were relatively cheap compared to other brands and since many people associated cigars with high-class lifestyles and expensive taste, no one wanted to buy a cheap cigar.

Initially the Padron cigar had only three lines, the original Padron and the 1964 and 1926 Anniversaries. The Padron family handles all its production and distribution of their product. They are medium to full-bodied cigars made in the family?s factories based in Nicaragua and Honduras. The tobacco used for the binder and filler is Nicaraguan and every cigar is offered in Natural and Maduro. The Padron series includes, Delicias, Londres, 3000, 5000, Churchill, Ambassador, Panetela, Executive, Magnum, and the list goes on.

The Padron 1926 Anniversary

This rare cigar is full-bodied and is made from aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Padron 1926 Line was launched to commemorate Jose O. Padron?s 75th birthday. These fantastic cigars are produced in limited quantities and are in constant demand. They have a wonderful spicy flavor that is achieved by aging the tobaccos for 5 years. The Padron 1926 series includes, the no. 35, 6, 2, 9, 1, 80 years and 40 Anniversary torpedo. Only 16,000 of these magnificent cigars are made every year and it is like a gold rush once they are distributed in the market.

The Padron 1964 Anniversary

The 1964 line was launched in celebration of the company?s Anniversary. It is made from the finest Nicaraguan tobacco. It has medium to full-bodied flavors with a dark brown maduro wrapper. The first puff offers sweetness with a slight hint of chocolate and spices however throughout the experience the flavors fade leaving a rather woody taste. Overall, it is a decent smoke. The 1964 series includes, Imperial, Torpedo, Superio, Exclusivo, Corona, Principe, Monarco, Diplomatico, Pyramide and ?A?.

The Padron Delicias Maduro

This petite cigar has full-bodied aromas and a sun grown maduro wrapper that is both deep brown with shades of black. It has an earthy flavor with a hint of chocolate and has an easy draw. The Padron cigar is powerful and with bold flavors makes for a good smoke.


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